Thursday, March 14, 2013

What About Your Friends?

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There are certain friends that, even if they may not have children themselves, are still making an effort to be a part of your life and find common interests again.
Dr. Rachna Jain states in this article “Having a baby can really alter the dynamics of your friendships, but if you’re prepared for changes, you can avoid drifting apart from favorite friends.”  It is so important to hold on to those friendships. I have kept close friendships with only two “past life” friends. One friend is a mother of 5, the other is TTC. I would be (even more) crazy without them in my life.  We all know life is hectic, with or without children, but here are some simple ways I've kept in touch with my close friends:

  • Exercise together (even walking!)
  • Take a class together like sewing, cooking, whatever you both enjoy
  • Meet up for coffee
  • Make a personal phone at least once a week (texting doesn't count)
  • Surprise them with a card or letter
  • Window shop at the mall
Why not take a few minutes to show your friends you still care about them? 

What are some ways you stay connected to your friends? Please let me know by commenting below.


  1. I make "dates" with my two best girlfriends to go out to eat once a month. They are both childless and while they say they'd love to come to my house and hang out with the kids, I find that's just nerve-wracking as they are trying to have actual conversations and I'm totally distracted by the kids (who are 2 and 4).

    Now that it's getting warmer, one friend is going to stop by a couple of times a week to go walking. I'm hoping she'll help push the stroller, lol!

  2. I completely understand - I feel guilty when I have my friends over because I feel like I'm hardly paying attention to them, so we usually go out. Plus it's so nice to get out of the house for a bit to just be around adults!