Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Favorites 3/22/13

Easter is just around the corner. What is it about Easter that makes me want to spend more time outside? I always feel like I've been in a cave for months, then Easter comes and I think "grass, flowers, sunlight...this is what I've been missing!"
This weeks theme is Easter and here's our favorites for this week:

*Disclaimer: I did not include anything religious in these favorites but that is simply because I am not very religious.  Please don't be offended.
Me: Oh my. Peeps are my life. Peeps are my drug. I may need rehab. I can't even go into more detail without you all knowing thinking I have a serious problem.

Hubs: He loves Jelly Bellies! He claims they are the best tasting jelly beans and to be honest, I haven't found any better than them. But I haven't given up. He will be proven day.        ::insert evil laughter here::

Kiddies: The kids love decorating the eggs. I think it's their favorite part (besides any candy they might get). These kind of kits are so easy to find too - I see them everywhere. 

Household: Our absolute favorite thing about Easter is getting to spend the entire day together. playing and being creative. We both work so it's rare that the kids get to spend time with both parents at the same time. 
What are some of your favorite things about Easter?


  1. You forgot about Cadbury Caramel Easter Eggs- yum! Miss getting Easter baskets :)

  2. You just reminded me I have these in my cabinet and almost forgot about it