Tuesday, March 19, 2013

To Do Tuesday - Lunchbox Notes

I always used the free printable lunch box notes I would find on Pinterest but I've recently began making my own because it's more personable. I include the kids names and mention specific things that pertain to what’s going on that week.

Here’s how I made my lunchbox notes…..

1.      Open Microsoft Publisher. Click on “Greeting Cards”  


2.      Under “Blank Sizes”, choose the size you would like. Make sure it’s a Fold Card so you get the most use out of the sheet of paper you are using. I am going to use “Side Fold Card 5.5 x 4.24”


3.      This will open the blank greeting card. Start by adding a background image.  At the top of the screen go to “Insert”, then “Picture”, then click “Clipart.” A search box will pop up (mine is on the left side of the screen). Search for “background” and you should see similar results like mine below.


4.      Click your desired background and change the size according to you personal preference.


5.      Next you want to add some text. Go back up to “Insert”, go to “Picture”, and then click “Word Art.” Choose the style word art you want. Type in something specific to your child (or husband or wife!).  I typed something my daughter would love because we always make up sayings to go along with “…I love you all day long.”


6.      Now you can add more Clip Art to this (the search box should still be up). Make sure you click on the other pages on the bottom of the screen to make additional notes. When you are done, your printed document should look something like this:

That’s pretty much it! Simple little cards you can leave in your child’s book bag or lunch box. I don’t get much of a reaction from my son (he’s a tough guy, don’t ya know?) but my daughter loves them. It really makes her day. 

Do you have special little things you do for your loved ones to remind them that you are thinking of them even when you are apart? It only takes a few minutes to make someone's day a little brighter! 

Thanks for reading, see you next time.