Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Favorites: My 10 Favorite Apps

A screen shot of my phone :-)

Open letter to my children: In your life you will have to make many difficult decisions. Most of these decisions I will not be able to help you with, as you will have to decide on your own. 
The only decision I can help you with is iPhone or Android? And the answer is and will always be IPHONE!

I'm just kidding! But I do have an iPhone and this week I would like to share with you all my favorite non-gaming apps. So let's get to it:

Google Maps
I used the iPhone Maps app for so long but when I started using Google Maps I was blow away. Seriously, you can listen to the directions, it’s awesome.

The Weather Channel
So much better than the weather app that’s automatically installed on iPhone.

Vine is a video sharing app where people can upload short (15 seconds long?) clips. I haven’t and more than likely won’t upload videos on Vine but I keep going back to it because they are so funny and interesting videos on there! Check out JoshDarnit, Jacob Laserbeam, Chris Delia (my favorite), and Nick Chen. Do you know any cool VINErs? Let me know!

Google Plus
I really like the Google Plus app, it helps me try to at least keep up with a few communities I’m in.  But I do wish they had the handout section on the app.

Bloglovin helps you follow any of your favorite blogs and discover new ones. I never really liked the Google Reader app. So I just never thought to use any reader app. But after switching to I downloaded the app and I love it, use it every day.

Cozi is like a mobile command center for families. You share a calendar, to do list, shopping list, family journal, etc. I don’t know how we ever stayed on top of our schedules without this app. I really like that they send alerts (via email or text) for calendar events – I use this alert for pretty much everything on our calendar so I know we won’t forget.


Come on now, who doesn’t know Pinterest? If you are looking for anything, go to Pinterest first!

I like Twitter and try to use it as much as possible but I still feel lost, like I’m missing out on so much. Anyone have any tips for that?

I just started using Podcast recently and discovered the Nerdist podcast, which I listen to everyday on my way to work. They are pretty funny, it’s a nice way to start my day. There are tons of interesting podcast and this app makes it pretty easy to find them.

Aida Reminder
Aida Reminder lets you quickly set up recurring reminders. My husband laughs at me because my phone is lighting up with a silent reminder: “Take birth control”, “Drink Water”, “Change Sheets”, “Laundry Time”. Reminders can also be set up with a sound but since my reminders are that crucial, I make them all silent.

That's it for my favorite apps. What's your favorite? Know any apps that have really helped your everyday life? Please let me know in the comment section.

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